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Celebrate unique, embrace peace.

Shakti Shanti Athleisure Australia is a brand that blossomed from my deep-seated passion for yoga, a commitment to sustainability, and a strong desire to empower women. My journey in media strategy and insights in South Africa was fulfilling, but it was the discovery of yoga that truly transformed my life. Yoga wasn’t just a practice for me; it became a way of living, providing a much-needed balance between my demanding professional life and personal well-being. Recognizing the profound impact it had on me, I delved deeper, embarking on a yoga teacher training journey while pregnant with my first child.

When the opportunity arose for my family and I to relocate to Australia, I embraced it, seeing it as a new adventure and a chance for growth. I seamlessly transitioned my career in media strategy to the Australian market, leveraging my extensive understanding of media and consumer insights. This move marked a new chapter in my life, providing me with the unique opportunity to infuse my vast business expertise with my passion for yoga, culminating in the launch of something truly unique.

In launching Shakti Shanti Athleisure, I have leveraged my unique blend of experiences, cultural backgrounds, and personal passions to create a brand that stands out in the athleisure market. Growing up and building my career in South Africa endowed me with a deep appreciation for vibrant cultures, a strong sense of resilience, and a knack for strategic thinking in the world of media and marketing. These aspects of my identity and an appreciation for the role that brands play in impacting a more positive life experience have been integral in shaping the vision and mission of Shakti Shanti Athleisure.

Relocating to Australia with my family opened up a world of new opportunities and perspectives. I embraced the Australian values of adventure, openness, and innovation, and I saw the potential to blend these with the warmth and resilience of my South African roots. This unique cultural fusion is reflected in every aspect of Shakti Shanti Athleisure, from our design aesthetics to our brand messaging. By offering a wide range of options tailored to Australia’s seasonal variations, Shakti Shanti ensures that our customers are well-equipped to stay active and stylish throughout the year.

Yoga transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, promoting a sense of universal connectedness. This global perspective influences our social identity, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the greater good. Shakti Shanti is more than just athleisure; it’s a cultural blend, a celebration of diversity, and a global movement with strong roots in both South African tradition and Australian innovation and community-driven values.


Shakti Shanti extends a heartfelt invitation to the women of Australia to join this vibrant, empowering community. Whether you’re a yogi, a fitness enthusiast, or someone simply seeking quality, sustainable athleisure wear, Shakti Shanti has something unique to offer.

  1. Explore the Collection: Dive into the world of Shakti Shanti by exploring the extensive collection of athleisure wear, designed with both style and sustainability in mind.

  2. Connect Online: Join the Shakti Shanti community online through social media and the brand’s website, where you can stay updated on the latest collections, events, and community news.

  3. Pop Up Shops : Experience the Shakti Shanti quality by visiting or hosting one of our pop up shops across a variety of health and fitness studios across Sydney. Each pop up shop is designed in collaboration to ensure a unique customer experience.

  4. Partner with us across female empowerment initiatives within the local community to support and inspire greater connection and upliftment.

  5. Let me help you promote your small business with the skills I have gained across multiple industries. Enquire in the form below and we'll get back to you with a proposal and pricing to suit your needs.

As a brand inspired by yoga, it stands as a powerful reminder that when cultures come together, they can create something truly beautiful, strong, and peaceful, offering an empowering and inclusive narrative to women everywhere. 


To the Power & the Peace

~ Lisa

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